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Ready, Set… Dance Classes

The Ready Set Dance story began in 2014 when 5 Dance studio owners in Sydney began discussing preschool dance education. Their previous focus had been establishing their studios as the leading schools in Sydney. It was not until some of their team became mums and their own children were enrolled in preschool dance classes that they realised how passionate they were about creating a brand new preschool program.

Their wealth of experience and creativity combined to create a program that pre schoolers of today would love. Their combo class includes jazz, tap, hip hop, singing, music and a whole lot of fun. The music is entirely original and written by music producers who also work on shows like, ‘Playschool’, ‘Giggle and Hoot’ and ‘Play Along With Sam’.

The magic of the music is that it is designed around the choreography with key instructions for pre-schoolers to respond to. The whole program is also designed with a focus on making it appealing to both girls and boys. We are extremely excited to introduce this amazing program to our studios in 2019.

Ready, Set… Dance Classes 

We have a fabulous preschooler program at our studio called READY SET DANCE. We are an official location for this program which is run in over 100 dance studios across Australia and New Zealand.

This is a one-hour combo class that includes jazz, tap, hip hop, singing, music and a whole lot of FUN for girls and boys.

We are very proud that Ready Set Dance was nominated as a finalist in the awards for the Best National Activity for preschoolers and achieved a Bronze award in the AusMumpreneur Awards for Business Excellence.

Our preschoolers just LOVE…

• Busting out their hip hop moves
• Singing like a star
• Joining the puppet show
• Skipping along fairytale lane
• Floating on their yoga cloud
• Learning rhythm on our animal safari
• Jumping in puddles with their tap shoes
• Playing with our parachutes
• Going bananas with all of our cool music tracks created by the top music producers from the Australian kids television industry

Ready, Set… Class:

We would love your preschooler to experience the magic of our class. Below are details of where and when classes are available.

Ready, Set… Uniform:

There is a uniform that we are sure that you will love, but for your first class please come in comfortable clothes and shoes.


Ready, Set… YouTube:

We have our own YouTube channel so you can have a sneak peek into our class before you attend. Check out this link to see our ‘I love Dancing’ song which helps us achieve our three goals – Confidence, Creativity and Coordination!


Ready, Set… Begin:

We offer a trial class so you can see the magic of the program before you need to take any further steps signing up. Please let us know what day you would like to come for your first class and we will make sure the office is organised to greet you and introduce you to the class teacher.

Ready Set Learn

We are very excited to have you as our special guest in class today. We can’t wait to show you what we have been learning and how much we have improved since our first class. Please remember that watching day is not always indicative of what your child does during a normal lesson.

Some preschoolers participate more when parents aren’t in the room. Preschoolers are unpredictable so we are never quite sure what our class will be like in front of an audience.

READY SET DANCE is a one-hour combo class that teaches preschoolers the foundations of jazz, tap, hip hop, singing, and music. The class was created by 5 dance studio owners who are experts in preschool dance.

Now in over 180 locations, it is widely supported by the dance industry as the best dance class for preschoolers. The program develops the 3 C’s for preschoolers.

Thank you for giving your child the magic of dance and joining our dance community.

Term 2 starts on 29th April.

There is no need to re-enroll, our enrolment happens automatically for the next term unless we hear from you.

You can practice in the holidays by

1. Tuning in to Nick Jr daily.

2. Get the free Nick Jr App

3. Check out Get Down Granny and the TV warm up on the Nick Jr. YOUTUBE

The program has also been endorsed by early learning and gifted education consultant Dr. Cathie Harrison. Cathie has a diverse range of experience within education over thirty-five years as a teacher, university lecturer, writer and researcher.

Cathie has been an early childhood advisor to the ABC television program Play School since 2000. We thought you would like to read about the fantastic observations Dr. Cathie Harrison has made about our class in her research paper on the next page.

GET READY TO WARM UP – Encourages physical activity.

GET READY TO STRETCH – Facilitates awareness and control of different body parts.

GET READY FOR TEAMWORK – The parachute is used as a connector of attention and facilitates cooperation.

GET READY TO BALANCE – Builds resilience when the bean bag is dropped. This links to a growth mindset rather than a fixed mindset.

GET READY TO FOLLOW – Teachers scaffold children’s developing awareness of their own bodies in space and their own bodies in relation to others and to the whole space. Being aware of others is valuable for future learning in group contexts like school, sports teams or the playground.

GET READY TO DANCE – Developing pattern and sequence. Following a series of instructions help children to follow multiple instructions in other contexts. For example, every day getting ready routines like eat breakfast, get dressed and clean your teeth. This is also valuable for both literacy and numeracy which involve patterns and predictions of what might come next.

GET READY TO PLAY – Promotes active listening and develops phonemic awareness needed for reading. Tapping sticks also build literacy capability.

GET READY TO TRAVEL – New Physical skills like skipping, galloping and marching are acquired and then repetition ensures these skills are consolidated. Learning to wait for a turn to do a travel step from the corner encourages an awareness of others.

GET READY FOR HIP HOP – Increases muscle strength, control, balance and coordination.

GET READY TO BE FREE – Opportunity for creative thinking and responses.

GET READY TO SING – Listening to others sing on the microphone helps young children be capable of social awareness and cooperation. Singing is a big confidence booster.

GET READY TO TAP – The tap component develops coordination and dance skills which help children develop feelings of confidence and self-efficacy. Neuroscience of brain development tells us that young children learn best through play. Tap exercises like stomping dinosaurs, sliding penguins or puddle splashing are good examples of this abstract thought.

GET READY TO COOL DOWN – Children learn to recognize and respond sensitively to emotional states within themselves. The yoga exercise increases listening.

GET READY FOR STICKER TIME – Children are congratulated on working toward their personal best. Regular attendance is encouraged through sticker charts to help children feel a sense of belonging and attachment to a community outside of the home. These secure attachments help children transition positively into the larger world.


Dance Studios Adelaide - Stage One Dance Studio provides a relaxed, safe and friendly environment where each student will gain confidence, poise, social skills and musicality whilst learning the art of dance.


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Our Classes

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